Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Signs of Spring

I have been working on this table runner, which hasn't taken much work at all. It was part of a huge bag of partially completed projects that I bought at Goodwill. In this case, the entire top was already pieced, so I just made a sandwich and quilted it. Next comes the binding and it will be done!

Do you see that dark object in the background? It's a knitted scarf of mine that my cat made into a nest. I just leave it like that because it concentrates all the cat hair into one area. A great tip that I thought I'd pass on to you all. It isn't easy to trick a cat.

The woman (or man) that pieced this top really had some talent. Her corners are perfect. 

Here is the bag of scraps. Only after I purchased it ($6.99!) and got it home did I discover that all the scraps are either cut into shapes or sewn into blocks. They aren't true (messy) scraps like I have that are all random sized pieces.

Whoah, what's this? Looks like somebody is anxious to plant his onion sets! 

He will also plant radishes (I'm not a huge fan, but he is) and this year we are trying spinach. Last year we grew leaf lettuce and just kept cutting it and cutting it and it kept coming back for a long time. We ate it for quite a while until it started getting bitter.

Crocus. Is the plural crocuses, croci, crocus? Googling produces differing opinions on this matter. I'll go with crocus. 

Nice shadow; somebody needs photography lessons.

Don't know what these are (below). 
They bloom early with the crocus and they are much tinier than they look in this photo. 

That's all for now. 
Wisconsinites get pretty excited about springtime, hence the post full of signs of spring!


Pokey said...

What a fun bag of goodies, Sue! Your table runner is a nice piece of spring on your table. Hope the plans in the garden make some great salads in the future. Happy Spring!

P. said...

You lucky lady, finding such a great bag of fabrics and pieces in progress at Goodwill! That blue/white tree print is SO cool, all the little yellow prints, and look at that Sunbonnet Sue! Nice looking table runner. I love seeing these "leftovers" turned into something so yummy. And the crocuses--yesterday I saw my first ones in bloom outside the post office and wish I'd had my camera. Had to laugh because you're right, we WI-ites get pretty excited about spring.

P. said...

Oh, and I think those little blue flowers are called snow glories. Unless they smell really fragrant, in which case they may be blue hyacinth.

Elizabeth said...

I love spring too. Those little flowers are Early Snow Glories, or Glory of the Snow, or Chionodoxa, but I see that someone beat me to it. They are pretty aren't they? I love it when the bulbs start to poke through the ground.

Sew It UP! said...

It's a bag of treasures! Kind of makes you wonder what the person had in mind for the pieces. The flowers are so pretty!

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

WI's are not the only ones who get excited about spring, WE up in Canada do too. ha ha. Cool scrap bag, i like the sunbonnet sue on top.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The table runner is darling. I see a little sunbonnet sue in that scrap pile. It is garden time isn't it.

JAK said...

Ooooh, your spring is much more advanced than here (Twin Cities, MN). The snow has melted, but the lakes refreeze each night. Chionodoxa are my favorite shade of blue.

Where did you find onion sets? We can't find any in stores here but will be in Wisconsin (albeit the western part of the state) in a week or so...

Anonymous said...


That scrap bag of fabric goodies couldn't have gone to a better person - I can't wait to see how you are going to use those scraps.

Beautiful pictures of your spring flowers!

Anonymous said...


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the encouraging words on Baby's dress.

Now, reading glasses for needlework - what a great thought! :)

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