Monday, September 20, 2010

Make a Garland of Indian Corn

This is the third year we have displayed these garlands of Indian Corn.  For most of the year, they hang from the rafters in the garage. We hang them in the center of the garage and somehow they have remained safe from mice. 

This was an easy project, but might be cost-prohibitive unless you grow your own corn. But, as I said, it will last for years if stored properly. And I really love the look of it on our house.

Bundle three ears of corn and bind tightly around the husks with florist's wire. Use the ends of the same wire to attach each bunch securely to heavy jute twine, leaving some space between bunches. Make loops on the end of each swag and hang from hooks or nails. We leave the nails there and use them to hang our Christmas greenery.

Below is my absolutely favorite perennial: Gaillardia aristata. As you see below, all stages of blooms are attractive: buds, full blooms, and spent blooms. It blooms for most of the summer. I have never deadheaded it, but an online search recommends it. It also recommends dividing every 2-3 years, but I've never done so. I do notice that it spreads up and down my flower bed, which I love (nothing better than free plants!).

Enjoy your week!
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