Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you're travelin' in the north country fair...

...where the winds hit heavy on the borderline....

Last week, I found myself on a road trip for work. Driving by one's self is not all bad. Music you like to listen to, with no concessions for a travel mate. Stop when you want to.

For no reason at all besides desire, I designated my trip a Bob Dylan trip and took my CD collection of his music. Very nice.

You need to eat at these restaurants. I did! Photo evidence below.

Norske Nook, Osseo, Wisconsin

Pannekoeken Huis, St. Louis Park, Minnesota (on Excelsior)

Triple Berry Pannekoeken

Two thumbs up for both of these establishments. Worth your while to visit, if you get the chance.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Signs of Spring

In my neck of the woods, we get very excited to see these signs of rebirth.  Every year they look pretty much the same, but it never gets boring.

Crocus, crocuses, or croci. Yes, all three are correct.

What are these? I think I asked last year, but I forgot.

Rhubarb. Yum!

I have never before checked out the rhubarb this early. I can see it from my kitchen window and when it is tall enough to cook with, that's when I notice it. I love how ripply the new leaves are. 

Grape hyacinths. Sorry this one is a bit blurry but they are just so adorable I couldn't leave them out.

Chives. Grow some. Really, you should. They grow like weeds, or even better than weeds. And they are really delicious chopped and mixed in with cottage cheese.

Yarrow. Cut the flowers, hang them upside down for a while and you have some beautiful golden-colored dried flowers to use in wreaths or vases.

Bee balm. Good thing I left the identifying stick near it or I would have never remembered what it was.

A bed of tulips.

That will soon look like this!

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