Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Lucky Day (thanks, Suzanne!)

You guys are going to be so jealous. This box arrived in my mail. I knew I had won a giveaway but somehow all the stuff looks so much cuter in person! 

I have been following the Coloradolady and have even linked up some of my posts to her fun weekly link party called Vintage Thingies Thursdays. She gets quite a long list of links every Thursday. So many fun vintage items to view, plus some really great stories behind the items.

So imagine my excitement when I won her giveaway! Just look at this loot!

An adorable vintage tin with a sweet flower magnet inside, pretty pastel colored pens, file folders with roses (how fancy!), a quilt case pattern, and fat quarters. Not just any fat quarters, look at these:

Look at the rickrack! And the vintage aprons!

Paper dolls. What could be sweeter??

Be sure to bookmark and/or follow Coloradolady. She has a beautiful web site. Thanks, Suzanne! 


P. said...

Ooh, how cute! Congrats, that is awesome!

Pokey said...

What fun! I've enjoyed her blog for a while, too.
Can't wait to see what you'll be making....

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Lucky you

Anonymous said...

Sue, I am a little jealous!! Just a little.... but then, I know you will make great use of those darling fabrics. So, I am happy for you, and have slapped my jealousy of you down!

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