Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's Happening?

I need to get back in the blogging groove. Spring fever has been beckoning me outdoors. I have been trying to keep up on my favorite blogs and see that you guys have been busy busy busy!

I finished the table runner that I rescued from Goodwill. Bound it, quilted it and washed it into crinkly old-fashioned goodness.

Do you see that Currier & Ives print on the wall there? (if you're like me, you do -- I love looking in the background of blogger's photos!) Well, it is one of three seasons. What? There are more than three seasons? Oh yeah. I am missing Winter. I have found it available for sale as a print but how would I ever match the other three frames? I'll have to figure that out someday.

Ooooh, look below. Spring time is arriving in a glorious burst of color!

And, tonight! Our first picking from the asparagus patch. 
Mmmm, we are in for about two months of deliciousness. 
Did you know that you can pick asparagus up until the 4th of July and then should let it go to seed?  

Hope you all are enjoying the weather and the special treats that each season brings!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

There is art in all of us

In the absence of a current project to share (unless you want to see my nice clean laundry) I thought I would tell you about a sunshiny day last April.

My youngest son and his wife life in Minneapolis, so I don't get to see him as often as I would like. Well, even if he lived within a few miles of my house I probably would like to see him more often, you moms know how that goes. Anyway. . . 

His lovely wife had plans one day, so my son called and said he wanted to spend the day with his mom doing something fun. Be still, my heart! We brainstormed a bit and thought about visiting thrift stores, maybe a museum, but nothing quite fit the bill. Then. . .

Jamie decided he wanted to paint a picture. Well, I was a high school artist (a few decades ago) and Jamie's last forays into the art world were probably in middle school. But hey, neither of us are the type to let minor details stop us.

So after buying a set of acrylic paints and a couple of canvases, we were all set.

As you can see, we set up professional-type easels. Since it was a bit windy that day, we used a couple of rocks to keep our canvases upright. Plastic plates served as palettes. Our subject matter was the field across the road -- a view we had seen day after day and never really looked at or appreciated.

For a couple of untrained painters with nothing but heart, we were pretty proud of the results. Both of our paintings hang in our homes and serve as a sweet reminder of a special mommy/son day. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hope you all had a joyous AND enjoyable Easter!

We took a wonderful trip last week with our nearest and dearest. . .

We took a $2 bus to Mahahual/Costa Maya and swam, ate the best Mexican food ever, and had a massage on the beach. . .

Costa Maya

We wandered these streets and came home with a few treasures. . .


We traveled via. . .

A couple of us won a contest. I am not allowed to share the specifics, but it was a well-deserved win.

We ate way too much and way too often. . .

Now we're trying to catch up on work and laundry and all that stuff. We had even more fun than we expected (and we had very high expectations!) but it's nice to be home!

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