Monday, December 21, 2009

This Purse Again

The purse is reclining on my Eddie Bauer down throw. I love that thing! So cozy!

I just love this pattern! This is the 5th purse I've made using it, and I have fabric to make another one for myself.

This is the thickest fabric that I've used so far with this pattern and in some cases I was sewing through six layers plus the batting that I used to line the handle. I held my breath as I sewed toward the thick parts and my Bernina went through them like nothing! Up until now I hadn't worked on a project with thick fabrics, so my machine hadn't been put to that test. I was very very pleased, since I have memories of other machines jamming and groaning.

I have a couple of Christmas projects to finish up yet, are you all ready for Christmas?


Pokey said...

That is a good looking, dressed up purse! It's neat what just fabric selection alone (and your talented sewing skills!) can do. Good job, Sue!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful purse!!!!

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