Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seeking Teapot Advice and More Aprons

Well, I'm not really seeking more aprons so maybe I worded that wrongly.

I bought this teapot at Goodwill for $1.99. I have been scouring the interwebs for a pot that can be put on top of a wood stove to add moisture to the air. They have plenty to choose from but they are quite a bit more money than $1.99. So....

Does anyone know how much heat a teapot will take? I mean, when you use a teapot you pour boiling water into it but that isn't nearly as hot as the top of a wood stove. I'm just afraid it will crack or, worse yet, explode and I would like to avoid bodily injury or property damage.

Also, our SC kidlets received their Christmas box so now I can show you their aprons. They were away from home for the holidays so they just now were able to open their presents. They opened them over Google video chat so we could see each other which was really really really fun.

Fuzzy rickrack, have you seen it or used it? It's cute stuff. I buy odds and ends from Home-Sew, where you can buy bags of assorted trims for super cheap.

How's the New Year treating you? Snow snow snow here, but I still think it's pretty. Ask me again in a month or two and I might feel differently about the snow.


Anonymous said...


Such lovely gifts!!! I love that cheerful looking fabric!

Oh - it's coooooold over here, I can't wait for the warmer weather to be upon us! ;)

Have a great evening.

Melissa said...

I don't know how much heat a teapot can take. Ours is cast iron and it sits in front of the fireplace. But when I was a kid, my grandmother had one on her wood stove, but it sat on a sort of iron stand and not directly on the stove. Don't know if that was for decoration or the heat. Not much help, huh!

Pokey said...

My Grandmother had a cast iron kettle that sat on the pot bellied stove in the winter. My folks in VA used a stainless steel tea kettle on theirs.
Like the aprons, Sue.

belinda said...

Sorry....can't help with the teapot....but your aprons are w-a-y cute!!!

Anonymous said...

ello Sue,

Thank you for your kind words on my Spring Blooms Quilt. It was really fun to put toegether since it was not very big.

I don't see myself as a celebrity as I am definitely not, and have a long way to go before I am one, hahaha! On a good day, I am more like a chicken with its head cut off -- trying to accomplish 50 different things in a day, while caring for a just now mobile 1 year old! :)

Mrs Moen said...

That is one cool tea pot! Looks very 70s. I'm afraid I don't know how much heat it takes, but I think it might crack on the stove.
I adore your aprons, it reminds me - my daughter wants one too. Did you use a pattern, or just guesstimating the size?

SueWis said...

I should add that I used McCall's M5825 view B, but without the underskirt as shown. And I have since removed the teapot from the stove. Thanks all!

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