Monday, January 18, 2010

Large Tote and Matching Lunch Bag

I made this lunch bag from an online tutorial. Google "lunch bags" to find one; there are millions of them out there. Some are lined, some are not. I put a lining in this one. And used a hair elastic for the button loop.

The bag is resting on my elderly Christmas cactus plant. The plant was given to my father about 20 years ago by a man who was in his 90s and the plant had belonged to the man's mother! It has a thick trunk and gets lots of new shoots almost continuously. I have given it a haircut occasionally but not very often. It had about a dozen blooms this Christmas.

I made it to go with this bag.

And gave both to this adorable daughter-in-law for her birthday.

They should get a lot of use since she needs to be quite mobile in her job.

Hope you are having fun with post-Christmas creating!


Anonymous said...


Your daughter-in-law is going to be envy of many!!! Beautiful tote.

Beth said...

These are both wonderful! Love your choice of fabric and what a super idea to use the hair elastic for a closure!

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