Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving -- and then Christmas!

My son and his lovely wife received one of these for a gift. How lucky are they? It has lots of fun shapes to make, but they weren't thrilled with the recipe that came along with the product.

So, they asked me. I passed the request back a generation and asked my mom, who has always made the best "spritz" cookies. (Hint, hint, Mom, make some this year please.)

Mom brought out this adorable vintage cookbook. It cost 15 cents back whenever (there is no date on or inside the book). This book is chock full of recipes, most of which were Pillsbury prize winners. This particular recipe was developed by Ann Pillsbury.

I am gradually getting out my Christmas decorations. Each year is new. I don't always use everything I have and I don't always put things in the same place from year to year.

Here is a table runner, embroidered by my mother. Have fun with your own decorating!

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