Monday, February 28, 2011

Quite a Treasure!

A long FUN day of thrift store shopping on Saturday in Madison. 

We visited: 3 Goodwill stores, 2 Hospice stores, one Savers, one St. Vinnie's, and an upscale consignment shop. Whew!

When I was a little girl, my grandma had a covered platter like this on top of her refrigerator. It always had cookies under it. Like magic. My favorite cookies were Stuff in the Middle Cookies. That's what we called them anyway. They were date-filled cookies and I have yet to find a recipe that comes anywhere close to hers. And, alas, none of us knows what recipe she used. 

Imagine a small child liking date cookies? I can still see them and taste them.

I love the history behind objects like this one. Look closely and you will see the marks made when a dessert was sliced. So fun to think of a long ago birthday cake being grandly presented to a group of family and friends.

And the sweet acorn decor embossed in the metal. Love it. 
$3.99 bought me something priceless.

Enjoy your week. I'm ready for winter to be over in this part of the world!


P. said...

I am living vicariously through your thrift store adventures. I haven't been thrift shopping in what seems like forever. Love the aluminum cake holder! My mom made date cookies at Christmas and I loved them. I haven't tried to make a gluten-free version, but I really should experiment to see if I can come close. Were "stuff in the middle" cookies like a jam thumbprint but with date filling, or did they have dates throughout?

Pokey said...

That is a great find, Sue! The acorn imprint and the special knob makes it very one of a kind. :-}pokey

Chris said...

What a small world Sue. My mom has that very same cake plate and cover - I think she received it as a wedding present. I hope you can find your grandma's recipe. My great aunt took a number of wonderful old world recipes to her grave and I try to recreate them every Christmas. Someday I'll make a perfect apricot kolache! :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh my gosh that is so familiar to me! I can't place it though. It is just so nostalgic. I don't know if my mom had that or if it was one of my friend's moms. I think it was my best friend's mother that had that very saver.

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