Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dangerous Road

Not sure if you've noticed as you've read my blog, but we have two married sons, formerly referred to as the Minneapolis kids (son and wife in Mpls.) and the Atlanta kids (son and wife in Atlanta).

Now, with a leap to another continent, we have Bolivian kids and Atlanta kids. Yes that's Bolivia the country, in case there is a city somewhere in the US named Bolivia. Did not want any confusion.

The Bolivian son (sounds strange even to me, will I ever get used to it?) just got certification in ESL and wanted to go somewhere to be immersed in another language. He had church contacts in La Paz, so they chose Bolivia. I remember being thankful when they discarded Juarez, Mexico from their consideration. Adventurous, they are.  And living their dream.

Just a few days ago, they traveled by bus to a remote town to attend a language school and hopefully volunteer at an orphanage. They went by the only route available, via the MOST dangerous road in the world.

Really. Google "most dangerous road" and this is the response you get.

And it's the rainy season. So the road is muddy. Not a good road in good weather. Rainy season.

This is totally beyond my comprehension. Ask my husband about driving with me as a passenger in the Black Hills. Not even mountains. There are guardrails and plenty of room for two lanes and pavement with lines painted on them. Still I freaked out a few times and asked him to slow down.

Just thought I'd share. Your prayers are coveted.


P. said...

Yikes, that road! I hope they stay safe during what will undoubtedly be an extraordinary experience.

Keetha Broyles said...

I just saw your comment on "The Way I Sew It" and came right over because of the Wisconsin connection.

One of my very best friends on this planet is MARRIED to a Bolivian whom she met while she served 4 years there as a missionary! They are now working together in McAllen, TX with Spanish speaking immigrants.

Gerson y Betsy said...

Hello! My name is Betsy and I'm Keetha's friend (from above comment). She sent me the link to your blog. My husband, the Bolivian, routinely traveled this road from 1983-1993. Those photos brought back a lot of memories for him! We'll be praying for your Bolivian kids. :) Hope they have a wonderful time serving Jesus in that beautiful country!I'm sure they will be blessing to many.

Chris said...

Will keep your kids in my prayers for safe travel!

Corinnea said...

Just looking at the photo made me a bit ill... Hope they have a wonderful time there!

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