Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Coming Along

This is another quilt that I'm making for Quilts for Kids. The organization sent me "boy" fabrics so I decided to make a "girl" quilt to send back, as well.

The outer border needs quilting, the binding needs to be done, and it will be ready to mail. The pattern was simple and it was a lot of fun to put together.

In the instructions, they ask that you zigzag or blanket stitch the border, so that it does not get caught on an IV.

There is a little girl out there, that I've never met, with an IV. She's a cutie, with the delicate porcelain skin typical for a person who doesn't get outside much. She's brave. Her siblings share stories of school and friends and sports and she grins and bears it.

She likes pink. And she really really loves kitties.


Dee said...

Ooohhh! love the kitty! and so will the sweet little tater tot it will go to! your heart is as big as the ocean!

Martha said...

What a wonderful idea to make quilts for these little ones -- it turned out so well and every little girl loves pink and kittens. Thanks for the info -- I am signing up for this now.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment. Your quilt is so adorable - love the color combination.

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