Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Renewed Bathrooms

All of this happened during the summer and I am just getting around to blogging about it.

BEFORE: We have lived here since 1994. For the first 10 years, or so, this bathroom was our Packer bathroom. In recent years I put away the Packer decor (got a little tired of it) but it was still Packer colors and still ugly with really dated plastic tiles. Who ever thought plastic tiles were a good idea?

AFTER: Finally this year we bit the bullet and stretched the budget to remodel both of our bathrooms. Below, behold Bathroom #1 in all it's glory. These two rooms are very small, but I absolutely love how they turned out. They look fresh and new but still in the style of a mid-century ranch/cottage style house in the country.

Beautiful tile job, wainscoting. 

On to Bathroom #2 . . .

I failed to get before shots, but picture, if you will, a teeny tiny claustrophobic closet-sized bathroom with a leaky mildew-prone shower stall with a glass door. Hate glass doors and those tracks that get full of crud.

The bathroom is still the same size but seems larger since the shower area is now open and beautifully tiled.

Two shower curtains, purchased from Kohl's. I then shortened one of them into a window curtain.

Nice tile detail on the floor.

Very happy with how these two rooms turned out. Bathrooms are a pricey remodel (yikes!) but totally worth it. Makes life easier and much more pleasant when you have two new bathrooms.


P. said...

Wow, Sue, they look fabulous! And here I was complaining about one lousy little half bath re-do, and you were doing both of yours, plus and a whole lot more work. Did you do the tiling yourselves? It's gorgeous. Love the curtains. Gotta love Kohl's (especially when there's a sale AND an extra coupon!). That's where I got my towels and framed wall art. I loved seeing your pictures of these remodels.

Pokey said...

It's amazing what a little time and money can do to improve our living space.You've done a great job on them, Sue.
We lived most of our married life in one bathroom houses, and it is still such a luxury to have two now!
Great finishes.

Chris said...


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Lovely change over. Great attention to detail.

Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful makeover, Sue!

It's great hearing from you. :)

Rocket Mum said...

I'm thinking of using a shower curtain in my bathroom for the window but how do you shorten them?

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