Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summertime! and I am a slacker

Is summertime one word? See? I'm too lazy to look it up! Ahhhh, summer.

I got an email from Quilts for Kids reminding me that I need to send in my quilt. I feel bad that I even needed a reminder! 

You can see the front of the quilt below. 
Hubby is holding it. "Will you be able to see my orange shorts?" 
"Why, what's wrong with orange shorts?" 
"Well, they won't match the quilt." 
"Actually, they do match very well."

And below is the back of the quilt. They send the fabrics, the quilter puts the quilt together. This particular grouping of fabrics was very cute! 

They include a special label on which you are supposed to write your first name and a name for the quilt. Well, I don't name quilts. Not that I am against it or anything, I just never have. 

So, I'm looking at the quilt front and see turtles and birds and mice. Hmmm. Well, they all live in the woods, so I called it "Woodland Creatures." Unfortunately I wrote that on the label before including the back of the quilt in my inspiration. So, the back of the quilt has elephants, and monkeys. A lion. Yeah.

I think I'll stick to not naming quilts. I don't seem to be very good at it.

Hey, do you collect selvages? Because, I don't. If you would like these, be the first to ask me in a comment and I will mail them to you. I just couldn't throw them away.


P. said...

Ha, I don't blame you for not naming quilts. My head still sorta hurts from the naming process this past week. The quilt looks great! Some kid is going to love snuggling with it.

I do not collect selvages either, so someone else can be the lucky recipient of those.

Ivory Spring said...

What a special quilt, Sue!

I don't collect selvages either. But I have seen neat projects made with selvages.

Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you kind words on my Sunshiny quilt, Sue! :)

I hope you are having a good 4th evening. :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I should save selvages but I stopped. too much! Love the quilt.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Sue,

It's lovely to hear from you! :) Thanks for your kind words on my quilts. I can't wait to get them back from the editor.

Congrats on your son re: his college major! Chemical Engineering is versatile - just look at me! :) Seriously, if one can survive chemical engineering, one can do ANYTHING. My brother is also a chemical engineer. He is going to med school.

All is well at my end. I hope yours is too!


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