Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another "Quilt for Kids"

Look at the adorable fabric for my next Quilt for Kids! Just arrived in my mailbox today. So fun! Robert Kaufman offers this collection, designed by Amy Schimler, specially for Quilts for Kids.

The panel will actually be the backing, so how cute will that be? I'm really excited to get started on it.

In other news -- deadheading is your friend. 
I am always hesitant to be too aggressive in snipping off the spent blossoms from my annuals. 

This year, I put pansies in my window box because they will withstand our Wisconsin frosts that occur this time of year. I love them because you can plant them very early with no worries. 

Just a week or so ago, they were not much more than greenery since I had deadheaded a bunch of expired blossoms. I could see lots of buds coming, but only one or two blooms. 

And now look at them! They are solid blooms and the colors are so very bright! 
I wish I had taken a picture of my window box full of greenery so you could see the progress.

As soon as the danger of frost has passed, 
I will repot the window box with an assortment of other annuals.

Shown above is a viola hanging basket that I bought at the same time. 
They don't seem to need any pruning. 

I plan to plant them directly in the ground eventually, but I'm not sure how long they will continue blooming. They love the cool temps right now, but can't stand the heat. 


P. said...

That's some great fabric for your Quilt for Kids! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Both the pansies and violas are gorgeous and so lush! Guess I never knew to deadhead pansies in the past, and they just got all leggy on me.

Chris said...

Sweet quilt and beautiful pansies. Now I know why mine never last very long! :0)

Elizabeth said...

Love the bright colors -- in both your Quilt for Kids and the pansies. Thanks for sharing.

Jemm said...

Hi, Sue. Thanks for reading my blog! You are quite the talented quilter. I'd love to learn to quilt, but it does look time consuming. I love your tulip table topper. Thanks for stopping by :)

Ivory Spring said...

Those fabrics are to die for, Sue!!!! Can't wait to see your quilt.

Those violas made me smile!


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